Different resin versions and same resin tank?

I have two different versions of black resin. The printer wont let me use the same resin tank with the new resin because it is assigned to older version of black resin. Is it possible to reassign resin tank to the new version of resin?

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You can change it to become a black V2 tank using the touch display when you go to print. I recommend using as much of the older black before switching so as to have them mixed a lot.

does anybody know HOW (or if) the Form2 printer recognizes which resin cartdridge is inserted? Is there a rf-tag or id-reader?

I print with the Form2 in an office with others and we swop out the cartridges and tanks alot.
It may be a problem if the wrong cartridge is in.

The tanks have contacts and it is monitored which tank is in, which helps perhaps Preform determine where the next print should be to minimize clouding. And the accumulativ resin level is measured, a a warning might be given that the cartridge could be empty.
But, for example, for TOUGH I have 3 cartridges and I dont keep track which one was used last - I may get a warning somethime.
I also have four tanks, and I have changed the resin type in it half-way through a cartridge.

I do wonder if the software will sometime prevent me from printing sometime. With a group of people using one printer it will be difficult to keep track of this.

It does have some kind of tag that the printer reads to check what type of resin it is. But–while it does keep track of how you use a cartridge it doesn’t tell you specifically which cartridge is which if you have multiple of the same type of resin. So it will tell you how much resin is left in a cartridge based off what you have printed with that cartridge.

The software though does not do anything in terms of repositioning the print to reduce clouding, I think that’s likely to be a feature that they will add, probably at least some kind of heat map that shows the tray so that you can position things better.

The cartridges have a label with what type of resin they are and which version so you would just need to keep track of that. It also might help to write down on the label a number or something so that you can differentiate between multiple cartridges.

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