Form3: Is it possible to reassign the resin tank?

The Form2 has the ability to change the resin assignment of the tank being used. Is the same true for the Form3? Or does it assign the resign type to a tank only once, when first used?

“Cleaning the resin tank to change resins is possible…”

But is it really?
The Form3 firmware does not seem to operate in the same way as the Form2.

Thanks in advance.

Are you saying you tried it and it doesn’t work?

The Form2 responds to a mismatch between the resin tank and the resin cartridge by allowing you to reassign the tank. The Form3 asks you to insert a cartridge that matches the tank.

I’m starting to collect other instances when this question has been asked, but not answered.
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It looks like firmware rc-1.4.3-462 (7 Nov 2019) fixed this issue. (Or perhaps I just missed seeing this menu.)


I’ll confirm whether it was the most recent firmware update that fixed this issue, but you can absolutely reassign resin tanks currently. :slight_smile: Whether it was just added or it’s been around for a bit I’ll check on here!


How did you get to this menu? If I try to prime with a mismatch between the resin cartridge adn tank, the Form 3 forbids me.

I have firmware 1.4.4 running in the printer.

Hi @rybu,
I’m currently running firmware (1.3.4) that allows Castable Wax printing at 25 microns, so I can’t reassign the resin tank. (The image above was with firmware 1.4.3.)
If I remember correctly, selecting More Info on the first Consumables Check screen and More Info on the second, allows you to reassign the resin tank. You’ll notice the image below from firmware 1.3.4 does not have the second More Info button.
If you still have issues, post some pics and I will update my firmware and try to help troubleshoot.
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I think that’s exactly what my printer does, with Firmware 1.4.4.

Next time I attempt to reassign a tank I will take pictures.

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Hi all,
I am having the same problem - Im running 1.4.4 then reverted to 1.4.3 to see it the ignore tab appeared … and it didnt. Any help with the matter would be great ( using castable resin but tank indicated black ( which i have never used)).

Hi @rybu, @simonalexander,
Here’s an interesting data point: my pic above, showing the lack of an ‘ignore’ button on the Consumables Check screen was firmware version 1.3.4. Here’s a shot of the Consumables Check screen taken today, also running firmware 1.3.4. I think it’s safe to say this isn’t an issue with firmware version.
If you’d like me to assist you in troubleshooting this issue, please post pics as well as info regarding firmware, Preform, and resin type.
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Hi folks,

Just wanted to let you all know that the most recent Form 3 firmware has a new function to reassign resin tanks. Hopefully this makes how to reprogram tanks a little easier:

Formlabs Software team


Thanks a lot.
I was testing the new light-touch supports for castable resin and needed just this hint. It makes sense to have the reassignment process under the Settings tab, even if you can ‘dead end’ while trying to print with a mismatched tank.

Thanks again.
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