Resetting resin tank Form 2

This seems to be a common topic on the forum and I don’t actually see form labs stepping up to the mark with a definitive answer. Quite frankly I think it is bollocks it is professed that this is possible and at some point in the past I found a description of how to do it but neither tried it or bookmarked it.
My question is How do you reassign the resin tank so that you can reuse it when it has been cleaned and I want to know from the people that make the machine because in all honesty I do not think it is possible and thus Formlabs stand to profit from this. I experimented with a different resin and no longer want to use it so it seems that I must throw away a perfectly good tank. It might be a win for Formlabs but I am the type of guy that spent 2 years persuing a warranty claim on a motorcycle that I bought in the end the company purchased it back from me. I will go to any length using the power of social media to get a result. This information should be redily available on formlabs website. But it’s basically a bunch of lying corporate wankers profiteering from their deception. So come on How the Fuck do you do it.???

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It’s easy.

Just put a new cartridge in the machine, upload your print, insert the old tank and start the print.

The printer will tell you there is a different resin in the tank and will ask you ik you want to ignore and continue.

Simple as that.

If you however talk about the cartridge, no you cannot reassign it as a different resin.


The correct answer is the one given by Fantasy2.

You should highlight that for other people to find.

YES, you are correct. Formlabs don’t give these instructions on their support site. And with good reason. Consumables are how they make their money!

Can you imagine HP or Lexmark advertising how to re-use their print cartridges?

I too agree that it’s VERY unprofessional of them not to give this information. With the exception of this one, even the forum topics I’ve searched only ever address the cleaning of the tank; not the reassignment on the machine.

I know for a fact that I found this same information about 6 months ago. And couldn’t find it again. Which makes me think that Formlabs are going around hiding certain forum topics.

I don’t usually think this cynically. But these guys are really money grabbers. They are the Apple of the 3D printer world: they make the best products, but make them the completely propriety (i.e. the opposite of open source).

Anyways. Thanks for this post! It solved my problem for the day.