Resin Tank Refurbishment Program

I have worn out quite a few resin tanks, and would really like an option to send my used tanks back for a refurbishment, at a cost for less than a new tank. So for example, I would go to the Formlabs store, order a refurbished tank service, get a shipping label with a code for the service, and ship my tank back. Formlabs cleans the tank and replaces the PDMS layer. Then the same tank would be returned to me, ready to print. If this could be accomplished effectively, it would not only lower my costs as a consumer, but also waste less material spent in manufacturing these tanks.


It’s a great idea. If FormLabs does not show interest maybe a fellow Form1+ owner can provide the service. I know there is experience floating around.

I got a scenario for you. You send your damaged tank to formlabs to be repaired. The same tank that maybe you have had some print failures on. You get a refurbished tank back. You print some and get failed prints for whatever reason. Maybe you didn’t mix the resin. You then automatically blame formlabs for not refurbishing your resin tank properly. It’s more headache for them that they don’t need.

Refurbishing anything and selling or charging for it is bad business for any business. Not that it stops businesses from doing that.

If you really want to replace the PDMS layer the best thing would be to do it yourself.

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Yeah, agree with @Monger_Designs. Replacing the PDMS is really really easy.

The hardest thing might be just trying to keep out dust particles when you pour the new layer and keeping the tank clean in general. But that’s really how you need to handle the printer/printer components anyway.

I refurbished 2 of my old tanks, despite initial doubts as they captured some dust particles in the PDMS, they work beautifully.

I don’t think FormLabs will have any interest either because of the reasons you mentioned Monger. The deal is I think there is a huge demand. Maybe it’s because I just took tech support calls all day, but I am not recommending anyone to teach themselves :smiley:

Thanks for the replies. It’s good to see all sides of the situation. Maybe I should be asking for a different sort of resin tank altogether, like others have mentioned. I’m going to look in to doing it myself, and see what the cost savings and risks are.