Resin Tank Recycling Program

I think it would be great if there could be some kind of resin tank recycling program. Perhaps when purchasing a resin tank, you can choose between buying a new one or a recycled one at a discount, along with an option to add shipping for the amount to ship the old tank back if you want to recycle it.

I was also going to suggest Formlabs post instructions on how to recoat the tank ourselves, since folks on the B9Creator forums have been recoating their tanks themselves when the coating goes bad, but I would imagine this could go wrong and cause warranty issues.

I’m really not sure how feasible this would be, as I don’t know what the process of refurbishing one of these tanks would be like, but I like the idea of being able to recycle the tanks. :slight_smile:


I was just about to suggest this yesterday before I got pulled away on something. I assume in lieu of this, people will be offering aftermarket recoating services and kits.

Guys what about idea where we put self adhesive plastic foil on tray. We can glue it to tray when it is new, and clean. Once we use machine and some problems appear, we can remove thin foil and put new one. Then we have all time brand new tank tray.

I think something like that might be good, as long as gluing it on doesn’t produce bubbles or any other refraction problems. The glue or adhesive would also have to not block the laser’s spectrum. Something like that of a phone screen protector might work well, I think. The adhesive would have to be of a certain strength, too. I actually wouldn’t mind recoating the tanks myself if a process was made available online, as well as the material used.

I think this is a good idea.  I’m also wondering how often tanks will need to be replaced, they aren’t for sale on the website yet, which makes me wonder how much they will cost and how soon they will be available.

What is the price of Resin?

You can find all pricing on the formalbs website. Typically 1 liter of resin from formlabs is $150.
Ich kann auch in deutsch schreiben, wenn das einfacher ist.

A very successful resin company is Madesolid, they are cheaper and their resins - at least their vorex resin is equal if not better than Formlabs’ resins. Madesolid also offers 500ml bottles.