Resin Tank LT

Looks like there is a new resin tank coming to town that integrates some of the features that we have been requesting.

  1. Longer life.
  2. Anti-spill.
  3. Better detection, which i assume is that annoying error “resin tank missing” when the resin tank is right there…

Thanks FormLabs.

I didn’t see any launch for this in email or the forum but they have the press release up.

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Yep, we’ve been talking about it over on the other thread. I only knew about it because of the forums, but I expected to get an email as it is a new product.

what thread is that? i did a search and didnt find anything

I’ll give the new tray a try as my current one is nearing the end of its life. Formlabs claims a 20x lifespan improvement, so $100 for a Long Term tray versus $60 for a standard tray is a no brainer.

Ah… in the Support/Troubleshooting forum with no mention of Resin Tank LT. No wonder I didn’t find it…Thanks for the link

I will give ya that one, a very odd place for it, but LT=Long-Term.

I won’t be getting one for a while since I still have a new tray in the box, but I hope they turn out well.

I just saw the LT Tank.

I am wondering why this tank isn’t promoted better, as we all like to have tanks that do exactly that, last 20+ times longer… The clear green looks neat and all but where is substantial info on this tank?

The LT is supposed to last 20 times longer than the original tank - how so? What is different within the PDMS layer that increases the lifetime by a factor of 20? I assume that’s the only reason for a longer tank life; a more durable silicone. If it’s far superior, it should replace the old tank (like the F2 replaced the F1+)? I’d pay $30 more for a tank that lasts 20 times longer that is an easy calculation (even though I am certain the upgraded material isn’t worth $30 more).
What fact are the LT claims based on - that kind of information should be put out in order to promote the tank and make the claims believable.

It truly is a big deal - a tank that lasts for 20+ liters of resin! Again why isn’t that promoted better?
A huge disappointment if it doesn’t live up to the expectations, as I can resurface 15 tanks for about $100-$130, which is not bad at all…

I agree on all fronts. Perhaps they want a soft launch in case things don’t work out too well or their manufacturing isn’t fully scaled up. Maybe they want to sell their current stock of regular tanks before heavily marketing the LT. Only they know! I am glad they are releasing it though so I won’t complain.

I too am really curious as to what changed regarding the PDMS, and if you really get 20x the lifetime out of each “individual pixel” of the tank (or if some kind of averaging trickery is used to arrive at that multiplier).

Likely no longer PDMS, more along the lines of PTFE like others use.

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