Resin tank

so… anybody else getting the run a round by formlabs about the LT tank??

I ordered mine at th end of October 2017, received it last week. Paid 85€, now it’s 102.55€ and the delivery date on the shop is for 05/2018. Yes, everyone is getting the runaround. Formlabs seems to be having quite a bit of trouble with the production of these tanks.

I was going to order a couple LT tanks, but at the current lead times, I think I’d rather get a couple standard tanks and be able to print now vs. 5 months from now.

This is a classic failure to scale production to meet new product lines. Resins are also suffering a bit from delays. I’d love to see this issue fixed because I’m sure it has driven away some customers and is hindering those in the production fields.

Yes I was hoping to have made the switch to LT by now but I have just recently ordered some new standart tanks as well.

I think the resins are being delayed because of the LT tank, since they are not compatible with the standard ones, but that’s jsut a guess.

I was actually referring to even the color kits being delayed as well. Just an overall feeling the supply issue is being overlooked.

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