Received Resin Tank LT

I received 2 resin tank LT s yesterday. It seems Formlabs shipped many of the new products. If you paid for FedEx or live on the East coast you may have received them already… My color resin kit and Form Cure show they have shipped. I may get them any day now.

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Great news. I ordered my tanks on Sept 2nd but the store says they haven’t shipped yet. Any idea when you ordered yours?

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about time, I was just wondering about my order of LT tanks today

I placed the order on the first day.

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They appeared in the store on September 2nd, but we’re not announced until Sept 21. Do you mean the first day in the store, or the first day they were announced?

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The order says Sep 6 th.

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Ok great, thanks for the info.

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I was hoping the notification was for my Cure; I’ll have to reset my expectations…

I have both the cure and lt tanks on order. I’m still hoping the cure will come very soon also.

What are the first impressions? Does it really go further than a standard version?


The new tanks are green. Other than that, they seem to work just as well.
I have printed a couple of items using “tough” resin. I have not printed
enough to tell if it lasts longer.


hi Steve
I did foun enough info about Lt Tank, could you tell me if there are some avedience difference from standard tank???:face_with_monocle:

thank you

ciao :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


10-20x longer life time, new geometries to prevent spills. Green color.

Have you noticed any difference in print time ?

thank you!!:+1:

  1. The claim is it lasts a long time. I have no way to tell.
  2. The plastic is translucent green in place of orange.
  3. The geometry of the sides is a little different… Old tanks have a flat area at the top of each side (maybe 1/4 inch). The LT brings the sides above the wiper out further and there is no room for the flat tops.
  4. There is a dark (black) coating around the window and under the surface. It frames the window. I don’t know why it is there.
  5. The material in the tank seems to be slick. On an empty tank the wiper just smoothly slides across the surface.

Hope this answers some questions.


On the EU shop, the resin tank LT is due for March 2018 !
Is it made on the same assembly line as the Tesla Model 3 ?
Seriously, how could a piece of plastic take so long to produce ?

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I haven’t seen differences in print time. This is definitely a fluoropolymer (FEP?) surface instead of the silicone which is the most meaningful change between the two tanks. I think this tank should solve the “resin leaking” issues that people have been seeing on the silicone ones. It seems very well sealed. I also no longer hear the pieces pop off during peel which I would hear on some of my older silicone ones. The anti-spill lip is…a minor improvement. I had that happen once a long time ago but I think this tank is more likely to allow parts to stick so that issue is less likely even without the extra area on the sides.

Lead times are frustrating as usual. They have been launching a lot of new stuff though so that is good to see.


I had hope lol no LT tanks but did just get my cure


Print time is identical.

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