Received Resin Tank LT

Does FormLabs plan on releasing a Form 1+ version of this tank? This is one product we (all of us, not just Form 2 users), could use.

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I would love to have an LT tank for From 1+ from Formlabs or a similar flouropolymer coated tank from any supplier.

I ordered mine on the 25th and am curious when (roughly) I can expect to get it.

June 2018 ???

Hey, Formlabs, what’s going on ? When can we hope to see the proper “not-such-a-rip-off” version of the resin tank in Europe ?

Resin Tank LT has proven a bit challenging to manufacture, and the store page is best for finding up-to-date lead time estimates. Tanks are being fulfilled for those that pre-ordered, and our sales team can provide timelines for those that did order earlier.

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I Received all of mine

The best of the LT is the tank detection. I always had problems with the old ones. Now my printer always recognize it, factastic!


Callenging to manufacture, hmmm… Rather, I think you guys are having all sorts of logistics problems here in Europe.
Ordered White and black resin ; received the white , and got the black a week later.
Ordered a (silly old) orange tank and two “Durable” resin cartridges, and got the tank a week ago, still waiting for the resin.

This is a pain in the neck.

…and you must be VERY careful with the new release layer, it is incredibly fragile. I am sure you could plough it up with a gentle stroke of a finger nail…

I have used the scraper to clear off multiple LT tanks and have not seen any issue. Do you have experience with deterioration from scratches on these tanks?

Yes, we have had issues.

We now have an LT tank with dents in it and a tank which fails every print with rigid resin. We print a lot of big parts and the transparant FEP or whatever it is, is wrinkled over the full length.

As long as all prints go perfect and you print small parts, these tanks are perfect. If you print large parts and sometimes have small failures, these tanks die quickly.

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Yikes. Well my parts are generally very small (1"x1" rafts) and I have gone through a full liter of rigid without a single failed print on LT plus at least 1 liter of clear and 1/2 liter of flexible. Flexible I had some failures but it didn’t seem to impact the tank’s ability to get good parts after.

The wrinkling started with the third cartridge. So you still have a few liters to go :slight_smile: