LT Tank - Has anyone received yet?

I ordered one of the new LT tanks a few days after they were announced. The original ship date was estimated as mid-November but I later received an email stating the new ETA was mid-December. My order info still shows a ship date of “November 20th” and Formlabs customer service says they cannot give me any kind of idea when it will ship. I was wondering if anyone out there has gotten theirs yet or maybe received tracking info. The ETA on new orders for the LT says February but hopefully existing orders will ship out well before then.

nope I have not

I ordered mine the day they appeared in the online store (a few days before they were announced). I was told a few weeks ago that the ship date for my order was moved back to mid-December.

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What is an LT tank?

Nevermind…found this page!

nope, not yet

Mine is on order; but my credit card was charged for it.

I ordered mine back in September and still not had anything - it’s actually rather annoying as the new resins announced at CES state that they need these tanks…

I have 2 LT tanks. I received them about 1 week ago. I placed my order Sep 6th.


I placed my order Sept 2nd, still haven’t received them. My order was from European store though.

Ordered mine Oct 4th, still waiting.

I had hope cure arrived today tho!!!

Thought I would share these pics since the ones on the store aren’t that detailed. The bond quality between the build layer and underneath seems much more robust than the silicone version. You can see the extra wide areas that are meant to stop spillage. There is a wet looking area in the top left of the bottom view picture, it is not wet though. My guess is that it is overfilled adhesive used in the bond, it is hard like an epoxy.


Are we guessing a Teflon material?

FEP would be a safe bet. I haven’t tried to dig into it though to see if it is a single film, layers, coating, etc.

Ah so then still a DuPont Teflon variant which is good. This is as I had guessed based on other printer brands doing the same. Clouding speed leading to distortion of prints is now the question.

Do you know of any other supplier of transparent Teflon/FEP films than this one?

For those who have the LT tank already: does it feel like the tank still has PDMS under the Teflon/FEP or is the bottom harder?

order placed September 15 nothing yet

I ordered oct 11 and no word either

It looks to be one material. The bottom is harder.