Resin Tank LT is Amazing!

I have been critical of Formlabs in the past, but I must give credit where credit is due… The LT tanks are a huge improvement over the standard tanks. Since most of my jobs are > 8 hour prints, I go thru allot of standard tanks, and they can be very frustrating. Not only do the LT tanks last ALLOT longer than standard before glazing, but even when material sticks to the bottom, it glides off easy. I can’t tell you how many times I have damaged standard tanks simply trying to get off stuck material. Way to go Formlabs!! Cant wait to buy more LT tanks and get rid of all my standard tanks…


Agree, a big improvement. Some of the shapes I print are rather large and at times they just won’t fit into the build envelope once I tilt them some and generate supports. Our prints are usually extrusions (same shape all the way through). That being the case the models that would go outside of the envelope (as noted above) will fit and build if stood straight up. That scenario would fog a standard tank in no time, I have successfully built several large extrusions, straight up in an LT tank with no sign of fogging.

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Many thanks for the feedback! We are glad to hear you are enjoying the new LT tanks.

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I still have about 3 more regular tanks and one on the printer. I’d like to use up those before I start with the LT tanks I have.

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