Using unmatched tanks?

Hi folks. I brought this up in another topic which was more about another question, so it’s been forgotten. Apologies for the double post.

Some people are reporting a much better life from the LT tanks with most if not all materials. I’m guessing I have to run the printer in Open mode for this? Are there any other considerations I should be aware of if I decide to go this way?

Many thanks.

That is correct, LT tanks should have a longer lifetime for all resins. There are some resins that require LT tanks. This is fully supported, though: just put in an LT tank and start printing with, say, Grey. It should last much longer with no clouding.

You’d only have to use Open mode if you were trying to switch resins in a tank, or using a third-party resin. If you just use an LT tank with one Formlabs resin, it will work normally.