Compatibility - Grey resin with LT tank


Shall I use LT tank with grey resin (not PRO)? Any experience there? I did not find any about it, only the suggestions which resin should use with LT tank. The manufacturer statements did not include regular grey resin, only specials.

Any comments are welcome!

Thanks in advance!

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You can use it, and it will last much longer than a standard tank.

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Thanks for the reply!

cheers: otto

I’ve been using ALW Grey resin in my Form 2 printers for at least the last 3 years and I use LT tanks.

As others have stated it is compatible and on the LT tank. The description for the LT tank states “Compatible: Standard Resins, Dental Resins, Durable, Tough, High Temp, Flexible, Castable. Offers at least two times longer lifetime than the standard resin tank when printing with these resins.” The grey resin you are referring to is considered a Standard Resin. Using Standard Resins in the LT tank should prove to have a longer than normal usage/durability. Best of luck in your printing.

Thank you Guys!

Cheers: otto

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