LT tank lifetime

“Compatible: Standard Resins, Dental Resins, Durable, Tough, High Temp, Flexible, Castable. Offers at least two times longer lifetime than the standard resin tank when printing with these resins.” I need it for white, if it is 2 times longer life than I would stick with classic resin tank. But I red somewhere that it can go 3-5 liters of white resin?

The LT tanks will last much more than 2 litres of resin. They are more likely to fail by being the film being mechanically damaged than by the fogging you get with the orange tanks.

The longest lasting tank I’ve had lasted 9 litres of grey resin

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GTFO! 9 liters?! Did you print on 50 microns? why is then on officiall page written 2 liters? I have now 4-5 liters of print, i would spent 300 dollars on 5 orange one or 120 on one LT? Did LT had failure how big your prints were? I have almost whole space full with model.

I’ve had some customers use up to 13 Liters of resin in an LT tank before they needed to replace it.

definitely way more than 2 liters of most resins. The Rigid eats it if stored for 3 weeks or so. Standard resins will last a very long time.

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