RESIN TANK LT - Pennywise decision? Does it reduce detail?

Hey folks - I’m in need of a new tank for grey and am considering the LT. Am I wrong to think that the LT is the better choice financially? Where as I find my standard tanks go south at around 2 liters, I gather the LT will go 3+.

Additionally, can anyone tell me if the LT reduces detail at 25 microns? I have a 1/6 scale cat model with fur detail that I would very much like to keep.


I ave not run proper tests for detail especially at 25um but we haven’t noticed any change in detail in our part… just sharing that, for what it’s worth.

As for longevity, LT tanks are good for MUCH more than 3 liters, we’re up to 10 on our Grey Pro one and 5+ on our Tough LT tank. It is definitely worth is financially and we are not planning on buying another standard tank.

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Wow, that’s impressive. I’m definitely leaning towards the LT, and that might clench it for me.

Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it.

I was at 8 liters of Grey when the tank suffered due to some print failure that resulted in a spill over.
It was still crystal clear, I’ve no doubt it would easily have gone another 8 liters.

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I’ve heard people bash on the LT tanks but up to this point mine have been awesome.

I replaced one not long ago because of a failed print that resulted in a gouged surface (due to dirty galvo mirros) but since i’ve cleaned them and gotten on the straight and narrow things have been running well.

i would definitely recommend the LT tanks. I actually just bought another that should be here today as a backup.

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I’ve extended the life of the tray by making a STL file with the positions of any imperfections rendered as thin solids. This means I can move pieces to avoid problem areas. The file needs a marker for a corner so that it can be orientated properly and I remove this STL before sending the job to the printer. So far it has worked well.

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Thank you everyone. I decided to go with the LT. Really sounds like a no brainer. The short service life of the standard thanks has always bugged me.

Wish it were really longer life. That much-touted longer life of the LT tank doesn’t carry over to the materials that require the LT tank. From the LT tray description on the website: “Required: Grey Pro, Rigid, Elastic. New tank recommended for every 1-2 L of resin.”


Again, experience from many users on the forum doesn’t translate into only 1 to 2 liters being the end of an LT tank. In practice I still haven’t been able to reach end of life for my Grey Pro or Rigid LT tank and both of them have see way more than 2 liters of resin.

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