Comparison Between Resin Tank and Resin Tank LT

Using the same resin tank for a long time, I can see impressions on the tank, which causes a lot of imperfection in my printing. I recently changed to a new resin tank and the printing looks great again. I was wondering what’s the difference between resin tank LT and resin tank? Does it have any unique properties to avoid the impression?

It depends on the resin, but in most cases, LT tanks will take much longer to show those impressions than standard tanks, especially if you never have any print failures where parts fall off supports and stick to the tank window.

LT tanks are also a different color and have a different internal geometry for catching resin from the cartridge and for holding resin, and a slightly different wiper. Those mechanical design improvements are not related to why LT tanks work so much better for some resins, why some resins can only print in LT tanks, and why LT tanks cannot print Ceramic resin but Standard tanks can.

If you’re printing a lot of jobs that tend not to fail, LT tanks can save you money pretty quickly, because they’re less than twice as expensive as standard tanks, but almost always last much more than twice as long. Which helps users print through more resin.

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