Why are products in a 2 week delay?

We have been fairly pleased with Formlabs for about a year or so now. But I placed an order for Resin on 10-21 in the US and the order is still processing. I have not received any email updates on my order and no response to my support ticket sent on Friday 10-25. In chatting with someone today, it was revealed that an email went out explaining the delay due to warehouse distribution. I order resin religiously from Formlabs ( we do not order 3rd party options). This is highly unacceptable on so many levels. I could very easily lose customers and in turn will not be buying another printer from Formlabs or supporting their products. Very disappointed!

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i have a lot of the same complaints.

Really poor customer service and communication.

One issue i have had recently on my orders is they are “processing” even after I’m already printing with the order. For some reason the tracking system isn’t updating properly.

Honestly, it is really surprising. I also never received the email about there being delays because if I had, then maybe I could have made other arrangements before scrambling around today to purchase and ship overnight from another seller. Of course my credit card was charged the day the order was placed. I NEVER complain online but this is ridiculous. Customers need to be aware!

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my backup when Formlabs does this to me is Source graphics. They always have the Formlabs resin in stock and ship fast. Same price. They are located in Ca and I am on the east coast. I can get it faster from them than Formlabs!

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