Buying resin is a terrible experience


I’m posting this mainly for people considering buying a Formlabs product. The printer is amazing and reliable, but ordering resin is so completely painful. Most recent experience was an order of Pro Grey resin placed 11/28 with no lead time indicated at time of order; as of 12/9 it’s still in “processing” status. Billed immediately; shipped never? If my livelihood depended on having resin I’d be finding a printer manufacturer that made it abundantly easy to get more resin. I’m seriously considering other printer options just so I can source more resin easily.


I put an order for wax resin in, less than a week ago and it has been shipped.

I put an order in for white, clear and tough resin last Friday and its still “processing”.

I can’t say I’ve had your experience but I’ll be happy to update you.


Please update as i also want info on it…


I’ve had good and bad experiences so far buying supplies both from Form and from authorized resellers.

I’ve settled on ordering from Source Graphics, simply because they ship from Los Angeles, so their free shipping is generally 2nd day for me. Those not on the West Coast likely would settle elsewhere.


So my wax resin, ordered on Dec 3rd, arrived today (Dec 11th). The resin tank arrived on Dec 9th, a little early.

I put in an order for a few other resins a couple days ago. . . looking at the progress the receipt appears to be for the Form 2… yikes! Will have to change that before they ship.


In general I would suggest that you use a local supplier. The one I use will deliver before 10am if I order before 5:30pm the previous day. The longer the distance there is between you and your supplier the more chance that the delivery will be delayed, especially in the run up to the Christmas holidays when carriers can be overwhelm by the volume of parcels they have to ship.


+1 for source graphics…

We’re in chicago and they seem to be the only reseller I can find that actually keeps stock and can ship right away without waiting on formlabs


Thanks for the praise, we do ship all over the U.S. as well as our local customers like yourself.


Source graphics can usually get stuff to me faster than form labs and I am on the east coast and cheaper shipping.


In the UK, we buy our resin from the reseller GoPrint 3D and it arrives next working day.


We use EAC and haven’t had any major issues. Shoot an email over to


I’m east coast and I still get it faster from Source Graphics than from Form most of the time.


I’ve had orders marked ‘processing’ for more than a week after delivery, it’s all over the place. Hope you get yours soon!


Yes, I’d triple second Source Graphics here in the LA area. On my first order at my door the next day. Super happy with them.


Ditto from Source Graphics.2 maybe 3 days to Colorado


Although I haven’t had any real problems ordering resin from FormLabs, I find their webpage pretty painful to use and often find myself ordering the wrong things.

I’ve migrated to ordering from They have shipping out of Ottawa and Vancouver. Typically I receive my orders within two days, and their webpage is quite easy to use. Probably this isn’t useful information to anyone outside of Canada.


+1 on buying Formlabs supplies from their distributor Source Graphics. Lightning fast shipping. Closer to those of us in the western USA so less transit time. And as Einstein famously said, “Time is Money.”


Another +1 for Source Graphics, they actually called me after I made my first order to let me know that overnight shipping was a pointless addon as they are 2h away from me and so far it’s always come next day even with free shipping option.


Source Graphics’ service is fantastic. I’ve had employees walk into the warehouse and check the shelves while on the phone with them, to just make absolutely sure they had product in stock. You can’t beat that service.


Speak of the devil, just had two orders in a row go wrong.

First one they didn’t ship my Denture resin, even though they marked it on the packing slip.

Second one I ordered 3 liters of Durable and was shipped 3 liters of Castable resin, again the packing slip was labeled ‘correctly’ even though the actual order was not packed correctly at all.

In both cases Formlabs fixed the issue but it’s a huge cost of time, especially after I paid for faster shipping. What is happening?