Where to buy Formlabs Resin in Los Angeles?

Hey so I just got my Form1+ printer but the resin hasn’t arrived yet, and being anxious to try it out as soon as possible I was just wondering if anyone might know of any places in LA that sells compatible resin? Or is it only sold online? I can patiently wait for online orders just curious for future reference.

Thank you,
Jose Ponce

I would recommend just waiting for it to arrive. For your first print you want things to be as good as possible. As far as I’m aware you can’t buy the formlabs resin from anywhere else. There are other resins from other companies available but I would just wait it out.

There is only one place I know of to get the goop - from Formlabs. It only takes a few days. If you have not printed anything yet, I would strongly recommend you not go off into buying/using another brand of goop. You will get enough failures using the real thing!

Yeah I’ll just wait for the formlabs resin to arrive. I was just curious if it was sold in LA for future reference, so I thought I’d ask. Thank you guys for the info!

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