Best, Easy and quick to get non-Formlabs resin?

Sorry, new to the Form 3 here. My company’s printer has run out of resin and I ordered some more about a week ago, and probably due to thanksgiving, the order is still processing and their support seems too be down. Although I’d want to be printing with the Formlabs resin, I do need more resin to continue work, so in the meantime, what resin would you recommend as a good quality alternate thats quick and easy to get my hands on? (since formlabs hasn’t made their stuff easy to access yet besides a few resellers here and there)
I have cleaned out the resin tank, and ordered another tank as well so switching between resins should be fine, right?

Thank you!

actually keeps stock on the shelves of formlabs resins. You can get them to ship at any speed you’d like.

I like them and find them super reliable for my high production needs.

Edit: I would call and ask for Jason rather than order through the web

Depending on where you are, Applylabwork is one manufacturer making compatible 3rd party resin. However, it won’t work on you Form 3 as the machine does not have “open mode”. There is a solution called the “universal cartridge” which could overcome this so you can print again with 3rd party resins, but it is probably not going to be as quick as waiting for formlabs resin.

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Thanks so much! ordered a bunch from there with fast shipping!

Right, that makes sense being that it would need its own cartridge. I will ordthese universal cartridges at some point when I’m willing to get experimental with other stuff out there. Thanks!