Universal resin cartridge for Formlabs Form 2

Does anyone have any experience with this product? Looks very interesting! I use a lot of 3rd party resins. Looks like you can select what resin you want the cartridge to be.

Where was this purchased? Looks interesting. I only use 3rd party resin. Problem I see is you would have to claim the resin was FL in order to not use Open Mode. That would then turn on the tray heater and wiper but also set the laser to the FL settings.

Unless they could guarantee that they were using new bite valves I wouldn’t have one anywhere near my printer.

What resins do you use?
would have a resin for high temperature?

Heck… Just as an Unlock and not even worry about the cartage would be great

I have two machines running constantly and pouring resin constantly. It’s possible this might help there. Otherwise the open mode is still better I feel.

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