Anyone selling empty resin cartridges?

I’m thinking I may just upgrade to a form 2, rather than try to get my 1+ repaired. However, I have lots of castable resin, amongst others. To use this in the form 2 without it being in open mode, I apparently need an empty castable resin cartridge. Is anyone selling any of these? Cheers

I’m looking at three gray and clear empties right now I’d be happy to send for the cost of shipping

That’s great, thanks. I’ll email you!

You won’t be able to just dump castable resin into any cartridge and use auto mode. The chips will tell the printer and Preform that it is another resin and settings will be used for that cartridge. Also, the bite valves only last so long in conjunction with the chips locking them out after a few liters. We have a thread or two on here covering the complexities.

Thanks, yeah, I know this. I spoke with the support guys before buying my form2 (arriving today :smiley:) I was advised that if I just put a cartridge of the right type in place, I could manually fill the tank (rather than refilling the cartridge). By doing this, I can use my existing resin, without having to use open mode, and hence get the benefits of the wiper and heated tank.

The chip can be reset…

We are well aware as many of us were a part of the thread containing the tool. That is only one aspect of it.

Can you tell me the name of the thread, please? I’d like to check it out. BTW, I bought a straight castable cartridge with my form2 so I wouldn’t have to mess around. The print quality is incredible! I can’t believe the difference from the 1+.

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