What to do with empty resin cartridges?

I was just cleaning out my lab and was about to throw away several empty cartridges (about 5). Before I do I thought I’d ask a few questions.

First off, if anyone out there has any use for them, I’ll gladly ship them to you. PM me for details.

Second, if I end up throwing them out, should I condition them in any particular way? (I’m thinking environmental wise since the residue is toxic)

Lastly does FL accept them for recycling/reusing?

  • Kevin

After posting I found this. Still if anyone wants them for any reason LMK.

I’ve always just cut mine in half and tossed them outside for a while. The linked language doesn’t actually tell you to expose the resin residue first, just that the container itself needs to be exposed to UV. Even if you dig deeper and look at the SDS for guidance it just says “expose open container”. Depends on your conscience I guess.

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I may be interested… I’m planning to purchase a form2 after the new year and would like to experiment with alternate resins that use the FL standard parameters. What empty containers do you have and where are you located?

I’ll shoot you a PM @ADK_MechETech

Do you still have the empty cartridges? If so which ones do you have?

Sorry for the delay @tjohn679 . I do have some lying around. I will check and get back with you ASAP.

On a related topic, I have 10 tanks which need to be re-coated. I was going to sell them to @ZVat_Industries but his website doesn’t seem to have the buy back option any more. Is that true @ZVat_Industries? If so I have 10 already packed up and ready to ship.

  • KD

So sorry for the delay @tjohn679

I have the following:

1 tough v4
1 white v2
1 white v1
1 grey v2

Let me know if you still want them.

  • Kevin

No worries. I’d like the white V2 and they grey V2. Email me at taylor.johnson@innovative3dm.com to discuss details.

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Kevin, By any chance do you still happen to have any remaining cartridges, as i wanted to incorporate 3rd party/custom resins to the standard working parameters of the form 2. I was looking for clear and high temperature resin cartridges. Also if anybody knows if the cartridges are recognized by the printer after the are refilled, please let me know.

I have 14 empties in Ontario Canada.

Durable v2 (3), Tough 1500 (5), Black v3 (1), White v4 (1), Black v4 (1), Clear v2 (2), Grey v4 (1)