Anyone have used resin cartridges?

If you have laying around I would gladly repurpose/upcycle them!

Looking to buy the following used/empty resin cartridges in usable condition:


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I am looking for some Grey V3 Cartridges that haven’t been reused yet.

Ive got Clear if you’ve got Grey V3 :yum:

I do have 2 empty Gray V3 cartridges if you’d like to trade! (not reused yet)

this its what I have, looks like you would be interested in the Clears?

Hey there,

I have 14 black v3 and 18 black v4 resin cartridges :wink:
In case somebody might be interested. Also 16 resin tanks!


I’ve got 8-12 clear cartridges empty/nearly empty.

not sure if the OP disappeared but I haven’t heard from em in a week

I will have 1 of both clear and tough very soon. Feel free to contact me at if you would like to coordinate.

I have several clear&grey and also one tough. If anybody wants to take them for shipping only, please contact me. I also have also several trays, some still usable. Goes the same for those, pay the shipping and its yours. Ship to EU only.
Best regards, Matej

I have A question when you refill the cartridges to use again do you replace the valve at the bottom ?

No I have not replaced one valve yet

Hi Matej,
I know this is quite old thread, maybe you still have used resin tanks & trays? I will gladly get them for some experimentation. Surelly will pay for shipping etc… You can contact me on daznik at

What are you going to do with them if I may ask? :slight_smile: