Any use for Used Resin Cartridges and Tanks?

I have been going through quite a few Cartridges and Tanks.
What do you do with them once they are empty?
Is there any use for the Tanks?
Is there any market or use for them?
Can the Cartridges be refilled?
We use the V3 Resin. Can we buy more V3 Resin and refill the Cartridges?
Thanks for all replies…
Joe Tortorici

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The cartridges are not able to be officially refilled. Some are refilling with third party resins in order to have the heat and wiper work. Those people may be interested in buying your empty cartridges.

The tanks/vats can be refurbished with a new silicone layer. If you don’t want to do this they can be sold to people that are interested.

@ZVat_Industries at one point was buying used tanks. You will have to visit his site or contact him to see if that still holds true.

As @FredB stated there are people who will refurbish both. I sold several empty cartridges and tanks to someone on this forum who was experimenting with 3rd party resins a while back. And to echo what Fred said, it is not recommended by FL to refill the cartridges. The bite valve has a certain life expectancy. If you push it, you could end up with a very big mess on your hands (resin overflowing into the machine). Not worth it IMO.

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Hello @RetXpres- yes, we are currently purchasing used resin trays. See here for details. Thanks!

Will remember that Zvat. Just re-coated 4 trays… When they wear out will contact you…I am going to try to limit the recoating to one before I dump them… Don’t want to risk the seal/glue failing on multiple recoats.

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