New Form 3 Wrong Reisn Chip ID!

Hi Formers!
I finally got round to setting up my printer with Castable Wax V1 (CWPU01) resin, only to find that it was showing up as Castable V2 on the printer display and in Preform. By the way, is it normal to take an hour to fill the tank?

Needless to say, this would not let me print because of a mismatch between the tank and the detected cartridge. I was and still am confused about all of this.

I raised a support ticket and Jeremy told me that the chip ID was wrong and kindly offered to replace the cartridge. Great. Well sort of.

Here are my concerns:-

  • I now have a quantity of unknown purple resin in the tank.

  • How do I identify if this is V1 or V2 or a cheap knock off resin?

  • What to do with the remaining resin? Assuming it is V1 like the label says, could I refill the new replacement cartridge when it gets low?

I have included some photos to help unravel this mystery.

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Castable v2 is blue
Castable Wax v1 is purple

If it’s purple, it’s Castable Wax. Formlabs only has one version of Castable Wax so far, and it’s purple. The cartridge was probably filled with Castable Wax v1, but then misprogrammed as Castable v2.

You can probably keep the cartridge and then manually refill the tank as it gets low. Not sure if refilling the new cartridge will work because Formlabs might lock the cartridge after it dispenses 1L of resin (to prevent people from refilling cartridges with cheap 3rd party stuff and reusing them).

Good luck!

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Hey Digby,
Thanks for your reply, this helps to clarify what type of source I have in the tank :c)

I would be interested in what the procedure would be to manually refill the tank, as I would presume that the installed cartridge would dispense resin and keep the tank topped up.

I was pleased to see that PreForm 3.4.0 (February 20, 2020) is now available, but the firmware is still v1.4.10. This includes the ability to print at 25 microns with Castable Wax, without needing the beta version of PreForm.

Happy days :c)