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Just a question thats been bugging me. When we use open mode does the settings for the resin that we set in PreForm have any effect or are they totally disregarded?

I’ve been using what I think would be the closest settings (ie Grey for grey etc) but does it matter?

I wish it was a proper Open Mode that allowed you to set the laser power and speed properly instead of guessing which Formlabs resin setting might work.

Open mode just disables the cartridge system, heater and wiper; the resin settings still have an impact. Most 3rd party resins recommend using grey settings but you can experiment a bit to see what works best.

Thats good to know, thanks :slight_smile:

Someplace, there’s a chart that shows the relative power for each resin type. I know I have a PDF but I can’t seem to find it. But it’s been posted a few times in the forum. If you’re going to experiment, knowing which way you’re going (more or less power) would be a big help.

@JoshK can point you to it - he made it.


You wrote “Open mode just disables the cartridge system, heater and wiper”

All resins, except fore clear, have pigment. Is that right?
All resins adhere better when heat is introduce.
Any movement helps with pigment settling to the bottom.

Why disable the heater and wiper?

Do a little forum searching. Why FL disables the wiper and heater has been discussed extensively. The truth is out there…

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Yes, I have seen some posts on the forum about it. I just thought I would speak my mind
since some one from Formlabs posted.

I also wanted to post because I want to get a Form 2 and I don’t want to
have to deal with the cartridge situation.

Yes, they are going to do what they are going to do.

Here’s one discussion about it from February. What’s changed since?


I am happy with my Form 1+ and the way it works.
Tilt to do detachment and pouring resin works just fine…

If I can do the same and get finer detail with finer laser it is improvement.
With Form 2 I can’t do that.

I hope I am wrong,
but if I purchase a form 2, I would be taking a step forward to take a step back.

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