New Preform 2.1.0 now available!

One Click Print, Open Mode and more!

Release Notes:

  • Updated French, German, Chinese, and Japanese translations
  • Added support touch point deletion by drag-selecting in support edit mode
  • Improved wiper routine for Form 2 prints
  • Print process changes to improve surface finish of Form 2 prints

Additional information on Open Mode:

I’m honestly surprised there wasn’t a better response to this. I read the patch notes today when I updated and did a little dance at my desk, coworkers already think I’m mad, no harm done.


Is it still true that Open Mode disables resin dispensing? I thought I saw a post from FormLabs that you could fill an empty cartridge with resin and keep using it. Though of course the Form2 will think it’s the same as the cartridge’s original type, so that would have to match.

To be really useful, Open Mode shouldn’t disable the capabilities (resin filling, heating) since they’re useful for experimenting with other resins. If anything, Open Mode should enable more options than standard resins, so you can ‘tune’ the printer to work with resins that don’t match the standard settings.

Hi laird,

Right now, we’ve disabled certain systems while in Open Mode in an effort to make sure we don’t damage your printer with an unknown resin. We don’t know the properties of 3rd party resins that may be used with the printer, and that could easily lead to cartridge dispensing over-filling the tank. The wiper is disabled for a similar reason - if the tank is over-filled or the resin has a different viscosity than we expect, it would be possible for the wiper to push resin over the edge of the tank. Heating is also disabled, as we don’t want to risk damaging a resin you purchased.

We’re listening to customer feedback about this first implementation of Open Mode, and will consider improving the functionality with future updates. Our goal with the initial release of Open Mode was to make sure 3rd party resins can be used, while limiting potential damage to the printer as much as possible.

Those concerns make sense. As a bit of an experimenter, I’d prefer to be able to operate with fewer “guard rails” when in Open Mode, so that I can turn heating on/off, wiping on/off, refilling on/off, and control speed/intensity of the laser. And if that means accepting that I might damage the printer by those settings, well, that’s reasonable since I’m not using the supported resin. Though I’d hope that actual damage would be rare. :slight_smile:

It’s implied, but would be nice if Formlabs clarified that using Open Mode is within the warranty coverage of the machine.

While it sounds virtuous that Open Mode seeks to protect 3rd-party resins from damage or spillage, neither event is covered under the warranty as it is. De-featuring the machine in this way disincentivizes the use of 3rd-party resins.

In addition to Open Mode, could there be a “Manual Mode”, where the user can decide and adjust things like wiper operation, tank heating, laser power, etc.? It could be understood that using Manual Mode would terminate certains types of warranty coverage.

Having trouble. I’m trying to run the laser diagnostic in mac. Went to terminal entered /Applications/ -diagnostic option to run laser test and it is not there. Did it move? Please Advise.

@Ralph_Roberts, where did you look? In the Windows version it was moved to the printers submenus.

Does anyone know when the Form2+ will be coming out?


Probably not soon since the Form2 is barely shipping yet…


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That Form2 sure looks like a hunny.

Hold on! I just went to check out the Form 2 on the website and I see a wiper blade on it.

Can someone please explain what this is about?

That WIFI looks handy but since it is optional and my computer is close I can probably do without one of those.

Then again… I will probably just wish I ordered it later on… So maybe I should just bite the bullet on that one.