Form 2 Open Mode

I can’t seem to play with these settings before purchasing a Form 2. I think you need a Form 2 to show the open mode settings in PreForm. Is that right?

Anyway, how are you guys adjusting the settings in open mode? What does the dialog look like? Can you change exposure? Does it save your settings?

I have to run an audiology resin and I’m not sure what the process is with the Form 2.

@lukepighetti, you are correct that Open Mode is enabled on the printer only.

My observation so far, is Open Mode only disables features (wiper, heater, auto-fill). I’m not aware of any provisions to adjust exposure settings, which would be essential to get other 3rd-party resins to work properly.

My impression of Open Mode is that it serves as a perfunctory gesture to support Formlabs’ claim that they’re not a closed system, but they have created a lot of ‘headwind’ to be successful with anything other than their resin cartridges. Their stock answer is the disabled features are to protect the user, but IMHO that comes across as disingenuous. …

Fortunately their library of resins are pretty good - are they simply not an option for you?

They are not an option. :frowning:

I need to use audiology resins because they are high elongation, high impact strength, high flexure strength, they are biocompatible, and come in a number of colors. They are designed to be worn inside the ear canal daily for years at a time. The closest Formlabs resin I can find is a mixture of black and tough and I don’t feel comfortable having people shove that in their ears.

It sounds like I have to use Open Mode and just try different settings… ie black, white, gray, etc.

Are there any guides for which ones are high exposure and which are low exposure? That would at least make it possible to “turn up” or “turn down” the heat!

I’ve not seen any technical data on how the settings vary from one resin to the next - perhaps someone else will chime in with a better answer. I expect FL treats their exposure settings as proprietary data. I suppose one option is to bake off each resin preset - kinda wasteful though.

The Form 2 seems like a square-peg/round-hole problem for your objectives. Given that you have your choice in SLA printers, what’s the attraction of the Form 2?

Cost vs performance ratio. I’m open to other suggestions. I haven’t found anything else that comes close. I can buy a small DLP audiology printer but they are about $9,000 for a 44mm x 28mm stage. But that’s a 34µm resolution which is overkill for my needs.


We are always interested in supporting new applications and broadening our range of materials. Please follow up with my PM if you want to talk about audiology applications.