Form 2 openfl?

With the Form 2 essentially considered obsolete at this point, does Formlabs have any plans to offer some kind of version of openFL for the Form 2? Even though it is compatible with the resins that they still produce, I want to try some of the other interesting resin formulations and colors that are available from other manufacturers. It’s still a great machine, even at nearly 5-6 years old.

Hi @zgoode,

The Form 2 does offer an Open Mode option, which may be what you are looking for. This allows for the use of third-party resins with the Form 2, and disables some printer subsystems.

Yeah, I am aware of open mode. Unfortunately, it is not what I am looking for. I am looking to be able to adjust the laser exposure settings and still be able to use the heater/wiper with these other resins I am experimenting with.

Understood, sorry for the mix-up! You are correct that we don’t currently offer this functionality. While I don’t have any workarounds I could offer, I would recommend submitting this feedback directly to our Software team via Help → Give Feedback in PreForm.

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