Ready to buy... 3rd party reseller?

I’m ready to pull the trigger on a Form 2. I see a place called Source Graphics is offering a free UV cure oven with the purchase of a Form 2. Knowing that I can easily make my own cure oven from materials I have at hand, are there any downsides to ordering from a third party like this? Will I be getting old inventory? Not the latest and greatest resin? Poor support?

I work for Source Graphics, we are one of Formlabs largest re-sellers. We keep our inventory fresh and sometimes have materials even when Formlabs themselves are out of inventory. We have great customer support and are recommended by Formlabs. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call and we will be glad to help. Thanks.

Lonnie Martinez

Do you have Black Resin?

Yes, we do. We normally have ALL resins in stocks at all times.

Thanks Lonnie, one more question… What is your standard shipping method?

We usually ship FedEx and it typically will go out same day, if the order is received in time. We are in CA so as long as the order is in by 2pm PST it should go out that same day.

I ordered my Form 2 from them and order all of my supplies from them as well. Great service, no issues. I am in CA so I appreciate the faster and cheaper shipping.

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@gjgomes, Thanks!! Appreciate the shout out! We strive ourselves on outstanding customer service and same day shipping. Having amazing customers is the added bonus. We appreciate your business

Thanks for the info, just placed my order.


Thank you for your business.

FWIW we also ordered our Form 2 from Source Graphics. We also order our resin from them as well. We are in southern California, so they normally get it to us within 2-3 days where Formlabs might take over a week.

On more than one occasion I have found @LonnieM and (another employee who’s name escapes me) very helpful with specs and troubleshooting.

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Thanks for the kind words Kevin, the other employee is most likely Charles. He’s awesome and very knowledgeable. Enjoy the weekend @kevinduhe. Talk to you soon.

…and this is what I was afraid of. I placed my order 7 days ago… the shipment arrived…MINUS the gray resin that was supposed to be included AND the extra gray resin I ordered. Back-ordered. No notice of when they will ship. Also did not send the extra two resin tanks I ordered… back-ordered. No notice of when they will ship. Fortunately I ordered a couple extra resins; a clear and a black, so I will at least be able to use one of them. On top of all this… the “Free Curing Oven” that was the hook to get my order (also back-ordered) turns out to be, as described on the invoice, a “Salon Edge 36W Nail UV Cure Lamp”, which I could have gotten at Walmart for $18, if I wanted to waste the money. By no stretch of the imagination is it a “Cure Oven”. I should have trusted my instincts and ordered from FormLabs. By the way, here is the Wikipedia definition of “oven”: “An oven is a thermally insulated chamber used for the heating, baking, or drying of a substance and most commonly used for cooking”. What they are describing as an “oven” is actually just a lamp. I already have a UV lamp. My wife already has a UV lamp.

Edit: Spoke with Lonnie and he apologized for the fact that I was never notified on back-orders, said he would make it right.