Formlabs not worth the hassle.

Their company hasn’t been even barely satisfactory for me, and two other people who bought machines have given up using them and use 3d vendors.

Ordered resin on three different occasions form Formlabs. Took 3 weeks each to arrive.

Ordered elastic resin (their flexible resin sucked for prototyping anything), after waiting 2 weeks for the tray and three weeks for the resin and updating software, the software informs me I can’t use the orange tray and need the pricier one. No sign of the incompatibility at all on their website, nor in the chat when the kind customer support person literally told me to buy the orange tank for the elastic

Before ordering, it may be helpful to look at each resin to determine if there are any special requirements for that resin. In your case for the Elastic:

As far as cs goes, no idea why they told you to go with the orange tank, as it says to use the LT tank on the link provided above.

I gave up buying anything from Formlabs years ago. I am on the west coast (Utah) so I order from Source Graphics in California. They ship same day and it’s at my house in 2 days assuming they have it in stock (they rarely don’t). They’ve been awesome to work with that I doubt I’ll ever order from FL again.

Side note, I just recently started using their Elastic Resin on my F2, and it’s been awesome. Much better than the Flexible resin, and the entire process is much easier (smaller support material, etc). One trick I learned was to cure it in water and that will prevent the surface from still being tacky after curing.


Use a reseller. Way back in the day they had a wonky policy that they wouldn’t accept PO’s for less than $5k, so we said see ya later. I had a sales guy reach out more than a year ago saying that policy had changed and would I order from them again. My response was “that’s nice” and “fat chance”. The company has been marred by mismanagement all around.

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I got depressed reading bad news on forum… going to stick with my old rig :stuck_out_tongue: