Re-coating resin tanks

I was getting a bit fed up with replacing resin tanks, not just because of the cost but it’s such a waste of materials as well. After looking at some options the most cost effective way to re-coat old tanks was to buy a PDMS replacement product from Germany, I’m in Scotland.

It was very easy to use, getting the tank level was the hardest part and it’s been a complete success. Time will tell if it lasts as long as the original layer but buying two sachets had given me back two tanks for a little less than the cost of one new tank. I didn’t use their glue/primer, I thought it was part of the kit but it appears to be an extra.

Follow the link for the product

Apart from being a customer I have no other connection to the company.

They ask 25 euro for material to re-coat a single vat.
You can buy sylgard 184, Elastosil RT 601 and others for around 100 euro per liter. So less than 10 euro to recoat a vat.

Supplier in the UK:


I still haven’t done re-coating before. Can anyone share a video showing the whole process?

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Thanks for sharing! It looks much easier than I thought it would be.