Used resin tanks for Form 2

I would like to recondition the resin tanks by replacing the PDMS layer.
If you have any that you are throwing away, happy to postage for you to send them to me!

Anyone interested? If I get any interest then probably be able to recondition them for you.


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Is it possible to replace the coating by yourself? May I have a brief idea how you can do that?



many instructions out on the internet, but in brief, carefully lift out pdms layer, weigh on accurate scales. purchase new 2 part pdms silicone, mix up the same amount as removed, pour into perfectly level resin tray, cover and allow to cure for at least 24 hr. Job done.

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Sounds good=) I only have Form 1+ tanks instead of Form 2, so may not be helpful even though I’m very interested. Keep me posted for your trial=)

very interesting, thanks for the tip.
by the way, have you ever seen something like this ? The tank is only 17 hours old.

Sometimes a part explodes and sinterizes in the tank instead of the printing plate.
Using the spatula, check for sinterized material in the tank. Be carefull doing this or you can damage the tank and the printing process will have deffects due to light distortion.