How far can I use my resin tanks?

Hi everyone !

I have been using 2 resin tanks for several months now and they are getting opaque.

Since I don’t know when it is over I would like to know if my next project is printable.

As the pictures are huge I send you a link with my project and my resin tanks:

The project takes about 130ml of resin clear and I want to print it either in 0.05 or 0.025mm

Wat do you think of it ?

Thank yous guys !

Question is…have you noticed ANY issues so far with your previous prints?

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IMHO this part is still very usable!


On the “dark” part on the left I’ve got some issues but on the rest of the build plate everything seems to be ok…

Thank you ! How about the other tank ?

let the more experienced talk by themselves :wink:

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I use the tanks until I start to have issues. I always keep a spare for when a tank starts to go just in case. Normally the cloudy old tanks are used for small prints and large prints are done on a newer tank.

Once I start to have issues I replace the tank right away so that I don’t forget to move away from the bad spots.

I can’t wait for the new long life tanks to start shipping.


Any of you followed the recoating of PDMs on used tanks?
Perhaps its a path you can follow…


I recoated my Form 1 tanks but haven’t done any Form 2 tanks yet. It’s not hard to do, just takes a level surface and a decent gram scale.

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Which particular method or coating brand did you use? Links welcome :wink:

I pulled the old layer off and cleaned. Leveled a table for the trays and poured in the correct weight of silicone. 12 hours or so to cure and I was done.

A quick PDMS search on here can find the links. I think there are threads for the Form 2 also.

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Is that image on the online printer status page? I don’t recall seeing it (haven’t used the printer in a while, but on a big upswing now…).

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yes indeed :slight_smile: