How to tell if you need a new resin tank?

How can you tell if it’s time for a new resin tank? I ask because I’ve had a couple of prints with a weird finish on them and I don’t know why.

As soon as you see milky white clouds in the tank you’ll know it’s time to replace it(or print somewhere else).

I’m using the tough resin. Would that make a difference as to what I see?

If you use the putty knife and move the resin (pull across) so you can see the soft material (PDMS) in the bottom of the tank, or drain the resin from the tank, and use the putty knife to remove any excess resin, you’ll see a “cloudiness” on the silicone that indicates it may be time to replace it. You could try moving the prints to another area that you don’t usually print on. The default seems to be in the middle of the wiper side, so I try to move them around.

There was a tank recoating service on the forums somewhere if a tank is in otherwise good condition. It may have been only for the custom glass tanks, so I’m not sure if they do regular tanks. I think the company may have also changed the bottom of the tank to glass instead of acrylic. I don’t know if it’s only for the Form 1, but I thought they had updated it for the Form 2 (only Form 1 tanks are shown on their site, but you could send them a message). Here’s a link…I think this is the same guys.
@ZVat_Industries is their handle on the forums.

They also have a link to another company out of Germany that sells a PDMS kit, but if you could send ZVat a tank and they could recoat, that seems very convenient.

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