How can you tell when a form 3 tank needs replacing?

So with the form 1 and 2 you would see the tanks cloud up and could roughly figure out when it was time to change them out. With the form 3, this isn’t possible so how do you know when the tanks are finished?

my sales rep told me they have used 1 tank for 8l of standard resins.there is a software update coming that will tell you when the tank needs changing according to the rep.


marvelous. So I’ve got to try and keep a track of usage on the tank myself and lord knows what the engineering resins will do to the tanks.

I really really wish I hadn’t bothered getting a form 3 and kept my form 2.


You can track the useage of all the tanks you have on the dashboard.

Hey Gary! Can you tell me which resins you’re using predominantly?

black, white, grey, clear, high temp, tough and durable