Build tank issues

So I had a mixer arm pop off at the start of a print.When I inspected the tank it was almost dry. The problem is once I get half way through a cartridge I get a resin dispense error.This is apparently a known issue and will be fixed with an update. So how do I know when there is insufficient resin in the tank for a build? I didnt get an error message like you do on the Form2 saying there may not be enough resin to complete the print.I guess you have to manually inspect the tank when Dashboard tells you the resin is running low.Not a great solution.

Secondly how do you know when the build tank needs to be replaced.With the form2 you start to get bad prints. but the Form3 has some inconsistencies in printing so it may be hard to detect when you need to change the tank. Are there any rules of thumb for this Formlabs? I would hate to have the tank fail and spill resin into the printer.

AFAIK, the recommendation is to “wet” the surface of the tank if this happens, by pouring a little bit of resin inside it.

There’s a readout in ml on the status page saying how much resin there’s approximately left. It’s fairly accurate. You also get a ml readout telling you how much the print requires in PreForm and in the print info on the printer itself.

The tank holds about 500ml of resin.
When the cartridge is empty, you’ve got about 500ml of resin left.

I’d like to know that too.
So far, there’s been conflicting info on number of layers per tank, and next to no info on what the tank lifetime is, or how long it can be stored with resin inside.

Thanks. I know you can use the dashboard, but the Form2 must keep track of the resin because it does warn you when the resin is getting low.I hope there is a firmware update that will do the same for the form3.

I am on my third liter of resin with the Form3 and I am getting a bit nervous about the tank failing and resin leaking into the printer. I hope there will be an update from Formlabs so we have some clue as to how to determine when to change the tank.

So I asked my sales rep about the tank life.She told me at least 8l of resin.They are working on a software update that will tell you when you need to change the tank.

8 liter? No way that is going to work for high temp and durable resin. I see clear marks after 3 liter.

Sorry .To be clear she said 8l was for standard resin.