Prints Forming in Resin Tank Rather Than Build Platform

I just got my From 3 yesterday, I went through the setup process and everything seemed to be just fine. I attempted my first print, and after some issues with the mixer arm not staying properly seated, I managed to get my first print started. I ended up having to stop the print about 25% of the way through, as I noticed it wasn’t forming on the build platform. The first layer or two was on the build platform, but the remaining layers had formed in the resin tank. I never got any error messages from the machine. I’m having trouble finding any reasons why this would be happening. I believe this is also causing the mixer arm to go off its track, as it was at a diagonal angle in the middle of the tank. I’ve attached pictures of these issues.

I repeated the print 2 other times, with the same results, though I only let it go for a few layers. I submitted a support ticket, but as it’s the weekend, I know I won’t hear back for a few days.

Any ideas on what I can try to fix it would be greatly appreciated!