Out of the box FORM 3 problems - can't make first print!

Trying to get my first print from the Form 3.

Everything looks good and I push “print”. And then -

-The mixer is not stable. moves around getting out of position and then creates error.
-Also the tank is getting “bumped” (pushed up) as the lower cartridge moves.
-Also, material is not being dispensed.

Wow, how disappointing.
Anyone have similar problems, or better yet solutions!
Please let me know

don’t stress…

check the resin cartridge and make sure that rubber valve slit is open- sometimes resin can cure a little bit and block the resin. Be careful NOT TO REMOVE the black rubber valve- just press the slit slightly to see that its open.

the reason the mixer is not stable is because there is no resin in the tank- once you solve the resin pouring into the tank it will be fine.
lastly in every print the tank will “bump” that’s normal.

nest step is to make sure the rubber valve is not blocked… - all the rest will work out.

It is best to pour in a layer of resin into a fresh tank first. This decreases the time required to fill the tank and also lubricates it so the mixer moves smoothly.

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As @roypnyc said, check the "bite valve on the bottom of the resin bottle. I have actually had resin ship to me that where the bite valve slit wasn’t completely cut, and I had to poke it with an x-acto to get the resin flowing. It’s not common, but I’ve had it happen a couple times.

Thank you! It’s printing!