New Form 3 not working

Hi all,

I have been use Form2 for one year. We add new Form 3 printer. We keep getting “Resin Level Sensor Error” from the beginning.
We try with GreyV4 and High temp resin. The resin don’t want to filling the tank. Not dispense at all. We don’t have other resin to try. Both the resin working good at Form 2.

We already try :

  1. Upgrade to last firmware 1.4.10
  2. Downgrade to 1.4.8, and older 1.4.3, because some people in the forum said have problem with new firmware.
  3. Slit the resin cap bigger, and when I push using hand the resin come out.
  4. Try to loose the resin cap.
  5. Check the float can move freely.
  6. Change the resin tank and new resin. Resin working in Form 2

We also already contact support, but didn’t get any reply for 2 days.
I don’t know what else I can try to make the printer working.
Anyone can help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much.

Best regards,

Hey David,

Thanks so much for taking the time to post. Contacting support is absolutely the right movie. Let me reach out to them to make sure they’ve seen your request.

Hey Anyone,

If anyone can help me solve this problem, it will be very helpful.
I am quite experience user, we already use Form 2 for 1 year.
I have been sending email to contact back and forth for a few times, But we still didn’t go anywhere to solve the problem. My boss been pushing me to try harder. We really need the printer to work, as the jobs are piling up.

Thank you so much for your attention.


I’m sure you may have done this already especially trying it over and over again but in my Form 2 I had a similar issue. It was caused by friction between the resin tank and the platform it sits on. This prevented the tank from sitting all the way back in the manner it was supposed to making it hard for the resin sensor to properly detect the resin. Clean the areas where the tank contacts the machine and then really ensure that it is pushed all the way back. I’m not completely sure how the Form 3 senses resin as I know it has changed a little from the Form 2 but it’s worth a try if nothing else has worked. Best of luck.

Also maybe clean the contacts of the LevelSense board and contacts on the resin tank itself. This link shows location of these components among other areas of your printer.