The build platform and the resin tank

hi friends.

I really start to my first print. but… I have a questions

I see a do not align the build platform and the resin tank

this issue can cause a bad printing?

It might cause problems getting started, but the print should be just fine as long as nothing is wobbly. Is the tank not level or is the platform not straight?

i think is the platform

the platform and the tank, can be align?

compare the back part whit the front

No, there is no way for us to align them. Send a photo of the problem to FormLabs using the support ticket system and they can get you what you need.

You are right, that should not be.

is 1.88mm diferent back to the front

It is possible it is just the bottom of the tank, do you have another tank? You would not even need to get it dirty, just stick it in and press print. Then cancel when you see what you need to see.

yes, i have another tank… I try with the new tank again

Sounds good, it’s worth a shot. I believe you if you think it is the platform, but only FormLabs staff can help with that. Sorry.

ok, no problem… I hope formlabs respond the ticket ASAP. but, I know is very slow to respond anything