How to align the bluid platform?

hi everyones

how to align the build platform with the resin tank?

please… i have several problems with this issue… I can print only in the back part… I feel only I buy a 50% of the printer but I pay 100%

Hey Miguel — I’m sorry that you’re seeing some issues with your machine! I see that you’ve got a support ticket open with our team. They’ll be in touch shortly. In the meantime,. I suggest you include additional photographs of the kinds of prints you’re seeing, as well as the damage that you’ve seen in the resin tanks. That’ll make it easier for our team to diagnose the issue.

One quick thing to check, is to make sure that your build platform is properly positioned and fully-seated on its mount.

hi sam.
thanks for respond.
it’s right I have a ticket, is the 41156.
the build platform and the tank is properly positioned and fully-seated in their respectives mounts.

I attach more pictures. here and in the mail of the ticket request.

now i try to obtain a good printed part. but still i’m in the tests. but I can use only the back area.

the damage in the tank is located in the back. two little cracks, but one presents a little filtration of resin. so I decide replace the tank because I see a little drop of resin inside the machine. the silicon is in perfect condition.

an other issue. not relevant but… the machine arrives without two screws… lol

Support will help resolve your issue, but just as a note…the build platform does not need to be completely parallel to the resin tank surface. The build platform compresses against the silicone thus negating any tilt in the platform. This is also why the printer does not need to be seated on a completely level surface.

Partial adherence is often caused by the platform sitting too far from the silicone. This can be resolved by adjusting the z-height of the platform by using our Fine Tuning tool. Our support team can help guide you through proper usage, but we have an article here as well: