Partial Non-Adherence to build platform

Hi, I’m new to Formlabs and recently purchased a 2nd hand Form 2. Its working ok but I’m getting a problem with partial non-adherence of the base layer to the build platform. if I print something at the back of the platform it adheres correctly, if I position it in the middle of the platform some prints stick and some half fall off and hang down. If I print them at the front of the machine they don’t stick to the build platform and are left stuck to the bottom of the tank. It would suggest that either the build platform or resin tank is not level/parallel.

Has anyone else had a similar problem or know of a solution?

Could also be smudges underneath the resin tank (or cured resin stuck to the bottom). Alternatively, could be the glass housing the lasers/mirrors. There’s a specific process for cleaning the glass and the underside of the tank that I think you can find on the FL site.

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