Zvat Comments?

I have quite a few Resin Tanks that I am thinking of shipping off to Zvat. Has anyone done this and if so, were they fair dealing with you?

Has anyone used the Zvat glass bottom Resin Tank? Comments…

Joe Tortorici

I bought a ZVat tank a month ago direct from Zak when he was exhibiting the product at the Bay Area Maker Faire. And I finally got a chance to start using it this pas weekend.

My tank is for the Form 1+, not the Form 2, so it’s made completely from scratch, unlike the Form 2, ones where he repurposes the existing tanks and replaces the bottom acrylic with glass.

My tank came complete with the PDMS layer, and it works straight out of the box. By this I mean I did not have to do any adjustments to the platform height to accommodate the PDMS layer thickness. The bottom is made of clear glass, so it can be cleaned with anything you want to clean it with, and not worry about “burning” or scratching the surface.

So far I have only 4 prints, but they came out perfect.

With regard to the PDMS longevity: I have previously recoated original tanks with Qsil, and found that it doesn’t last quite as long as the original PDMS layer, only about 70-75%. Assuming Zak uses Qsil as well, the life expectancy of the coating should be the same.

Zak, if you’re reading this, you might want to chime in.

However, the workmanship on my tanks is very good and I expect the tank to last a long time, and through many recoatings.

Edit: The recoatings Ive done are with Sylgard, not Qsil. You can read more about them here:

Only issue I see is the cost of the Form 2 trays at almost twice the price of a new one from FormLabs. What is the credit on used trays sent? I didn’t see anything on that on the website. Does the glass bottom last a lot longer than the OEM trays?

I am in the same boat. I have at least 10 older tanks I’ve been meaning to send off to @ZVat_Industries.

His website states the following

We offer the following rates:
• Cash- $20 for the first tray, $15 for each additional tray
• Credit- $25 for the first tray, $20 for each additional tray

I have had a few tanks reconditioned at Zvat (for the Form 2). They work great. I sent in my old tanks for retrofit. While the initial outlay is more expensive than a tank from Formlabs, you can have Zvat recondition them for less than a new tank. For me, it isn’t the money - I just feel bad about putting so many tanks in the landfill.

He was great to work with. Quick turnaround - no troubles.

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Thanks for the kind words Dudemeister, it was great to meet you and I’m glad that the tray is working well. Regarding the PDMS- no, I do not use Qsil, I use Dow Corning Sylgard 184. The majority of my users say it works at least as well as the OEM PDMS layer. Cheers!

Actually, I have no idea why I wrote Qsil, when in fact I was using Sylgard all along. The only excuse I can come up with is “a brain fart from an old fart”.

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