Cleaning bottom of resin tank

There was a sticky substance on the bottom of my resin tank, so I used IPA to it. I realized too late the website says not to do that as it may cause cracking.

I would like to continue using this tank, any suggestions if that is possible?

there’s been talk recently of taping the outside of the tank so if there’s a crack its unable to escape, may be worthwhile to look into.

Hey there @FQQ!

Sorry to hear about your tank! Just wanted hop into this thread to say I’d be very hesitant about that tank from here on out. You could indeed do some supporting with tape, but the chances of a much more serious spill are still increased significantly.

You can use Yellow Magic to safely clean the tanks and pdms layer then rinse with clean water. If you have an air blaster you can blow the water off to avoid spotting.

I tape all my tanks which has saved me from catastrophic spills if the tank decides to crack. Because the tanks have a bottom window glued in and the sides are acrylic they do wear out. I watch for any cracking on the tank. Usually on the back left corner is the most frequent spot but cracks can come from the clear insert that is glued in. The tanks do flex a little bit when printing especially with large prints and over time tend to break down the glue joint. Keeping that in mind I wouldn’t do more than a couple liters through a tank. If you do light small prints then chances are the tank will last longer but consider it a consumable.
If you plan on keeping permanent tanks and do your own recoating then consider the Zvat which has a glass bottom. I believe you get about 5-6 coatings out of a Sylgard kit so having a few tanks to cycle through would be ideal. Really depends on the volume of prints you plan on doing to justify the investment.

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