Crack suddenly appeared in resin tank base

Hi all,

My resin had been left in the tank for a good couple of weeks to which I then decided to store it into a container. Upon pouring out the resin I noticed a massive crack at the bottom of my tank. Not sure how that got there so can anyone answer what the possible cause may be? I’m never rough with the tank when removing it.

Also I only have a little bit of resin left so do you think it’s still ok to use the tank? I can add sticky tape to the crack and only print on the other side. Or do you think too risky? As long as resin doesn’t get under the silicone is it ok?


Thanks for posting and uploading the pictures and i’m very sorry you experienced such thing.

This is a Version #1 of resin tank and they are not that durable. Normally they hold for like 1-2 liter, if you are lucky it will hold for 3 litters of printing until the silicon became white.

My suggestion is to replace it with a brand new Version #2 resin tank as it can hold for like 20 litter and is much more robust. Failure of the repaired resin tank can cause to spill of resin all over the machine and inside a sensitive components. This is not something that can be ignored while taking this risk - keep it in mind while deciding.

If the investment for new resin tank is a major thing for you, I will try to place cyano glue between the silicon to the plastic from the bottom side, and after it get dried (give it an hour even if its 3 second glue), apply silicon glue to seal for leakage. Place a nice amount of silicon to fill up to the plastic surface. If you got UV glue that will be perfect as it is much more strong and durable to forces - again, all from the bottom side only.

I will print as you suggested, as far as possible from the crack as the detach of layers from the build platform is literally lifting the silicon and can cause to failure.

Again, I recommend on replacing as spilling of resin all over the machine is not something you want to handle with, its a pain in the neck…

Keep us posted :slight_smile: and good luck!

Hi kpinhassi, Thanks for your reply. Yeah I am thinking of getting the version 2 tank next. Though want to use it for different resin. I wonder if this crack tank will still be ok to use with the grey resin as it is almost run out and dont want to buy a new tank for that. I’m thinking would the peeling process add more preasure and make the crack worse? Though as you advise it is probably not worth the risk :wink:


If the resin is about to finish and your not planning on buying more of it, I would go on the repair. I also be very closely watching the printer for every half an hour. If the crack is developing and start spilling out, you want to be there to get it before it will mess everything up.

Stick the parts to the other side of the crack and give it a shot. Dont pot tons of parts on it, be gentle with the surface used by the parts. Better a few small parts then a load of it with failure tank.

Keep us posted and good luck!

Thanks man, yeah there is about a full tank and a little left in the cartridge, need to use it up before it’s past its date so will have a go with the tank. Might try some tape as well as the glue on all the seal in that part just incase. Will let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

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