Resin tank cracking and breaking in one area

Why is this happening?!! Resin tank is breaking in back left hand corner on every tank on two machines! Same place each time to varying degrees. Also, some cracks appearing, now tanks are leaking and tacky at the bottom. Resin is underperforming, prints aren’t forming properly regardless of placement, mirror cleaning, tank cleaning, replenishment of resin, changing batch/tank/machine, support used, orientation, upgrading of software/firmware. The whole thing is a ghastly nightmare!!

Why they crack… no idea… I have the same problem. It seems to be a weak spot there. What you can do to keep it intact as long as possible is lifting the black lid of it at that point first. If you lift it up from the front, it’ll most likely crack because it’s very britttle there. If you start from the back left, it’ll stay in tact at least a little while longer.

Thank you for your input however, I never lift the lid off at that part, I use the paddle provided at the sides. You can see why I am therefore perplexed with this happening. It is proving expensive to keep replacing them with such frequency. Then there are the other issues compounding this. The only thing I can think of is that I find that corner of the build area is the only place were my prints will form with any kind of consistency. Again, many thanks. I am going to overhaul/update everything and start anew. Here’s hoping to be able to post something positive in the near future!

I learnt that the hard way as well, Brian. Though it’s not an actual solution to the problem it’ll keep the corner intact a little longer. Btw, though the corner is cracked or chipped, it shouldn’t affect your print in any way, so don’t discard the resin tank. If the tanks are leaking, then open a support ticket with Formlabs. I’m sure they’ll be able to help you as this seems to a be a manufacturing issue. They take these issues very seriously, and are always willing to help you on your way if possible. At least try. Especially if your tank isn’t that old.

As for the life expectance of one resin tank. Formlabs state the life expectancy is up to 2Ltr’s of resin. This is because of the clouding that appears after multiple prints on the sillicon layer. If you search in this forum, you’ll find ways to replace that layer with Sylgard or other alternatives. Of course, if the tanks are heavily cracked, it’s best to buy a new one.

@Brian_Merrigan: Our resin tank has cracked significantly in the same corner, and a crack runs vertically down that entire corner now to the base of the tank. So far it’s holding and not leaking, but it will completely fail eventually and we will have to get a new tank. Formlabs is aware of the problem and their manufacturing team is working on changes to the tank. See Broken resin vat from late last month – you’re not alone. I’m hoping to hold out the redesigned tank is available.
That corner is particularly fragile, as the plastic is thinner to make a pouring “spout”. For me, the spout has not been particularly effective, it tends to result in resin ending up going everywhere except where I want it to go. I would have preferred a regular-thickness corner back there, just like the other three.

Curiosly this morning I get one how I open some days ago, and see the same corner broken…

This must have any warranty, I think.

Thanks, guys — we’re aware and a fix is in the pipeline. Of course, if your resin tank is not usable, shoot a note to our support team (, and they’ll fix you up.

Ok Thank you Sam

My first tank di the same thing. I think the cause is from the lid. If you press the lid down tight, and then If you remove the lid by lifting up on the front it causes stress on that thin area. It’s a basic design problem.

If you guys fear the cracks will leak, try patching the corner up with a smear of silicone adhesive. Even before the fatal crack happens.

Thanks Alex, Paul, Jose, Christoph, Josh and indeed Sam ( Formlabs ). Hope I didn’t leave anyone out! I did put on another print this evening and it went ok with grey resin. My clear resin isn’t forming anything at all any more. I have ordered version 2, even though my second bottle was brand new. I will contact support regarding the tank. it would seem to be a design flaw as I know I treat my machines with ’ kid gloves ’ at all times. It seems I am not alone with this issue, so although I don’t feel so bad now, I am sorry for everyone else too!! I was so happy with this machine when I got it, which is why I bought a second one. The joys of a passion for 3D printing!

Thanks Sam, I’ve been working with Luke on resin problem since Dec so I will contact him shortly.

Two tanks in four days… The same corner cracked… It´s not like they are $10 dollars… I am So Furious right now…

@Carlo_Vera — contact

Thanks, Sam. Already placed a ticket. Let´s wee what happens.

Hey guys,
We were sent 3 new resin tanks! Woo-hoo! Now all we need is new resin, new laser diode, new software, new firmware , new machines…

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I own 4 tanks that i bought in December. currently 2 of them are cracked in the exact same place. $59 and they lasted 2.5 months…not very impressive, especially because my clear resin tank lives in the printer 90% of the time. When does FormLabs expect to have this “resolved?”

welcome to the club! it happens to everyone sooner or later. i think it’s from the lid, but honestly not sure.

@Renwick Contact ant they give you a replacement one ( i did it )

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Even with the crack, they are perfectly usable though