Resin Tank BOTTOM Crack

I ordered a second resin tank back in September and filled it with clear resin. After one small print I noticed what I thought was some “goo” in the tank and I ignored it for a few days until today when I went to print another piece. Today, the resin tank is about empty which was odd because I only made a small piece after filling the tank fully. I took out the tank and it wasn’t “goo” that I noticed, it was a large, 2 inch" crack on the bottom (clear part) of the tank. All of the resin leaked down into the printer! :frowning:

Opened a ticket with Support… not sure if my printer is ruined or not, but need to find out and get it fixed or replaced…

Any others have similar experience?

I see lots of posts about cracks in the orange plastic on the tanks, but mine was in the clear bottom.

So upset!

Matt, first off…really sorry to hear about the tank cracking like that. I’ve actually never seen that happen before. If there is damage to the printer, you are of course not liable for repairs if the damage was the result of a tank that failed.

Support will take good care of you!


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