Cracked Tank - no leak

After being installed for ~6 weeks and using ~ 1 L of resin. Did not appear to leak any resin into the printer, caught it during a pre-print check. Looks like it started from a defect along the edge of the platform and propagated out. Just letting you know for QC issues. If you want me to take some more detailed image or disassemble to review the crack origin let me know.

I have a crack in mine that is the same about a liter through it and has a tiny crack starting no idea as I don’t print clear that often to begin with

Thanks for pointing this out. have you used any solvents on the bottom of the tank? Those can weaken the acrylic and lead to cracking as can resin exposure. If you could get in touch with our support team, that would be a big help in tracking this and working towards a resolution.

No solvents or cleaning of any kind. Straight out of the box and into the printer. Used Formlabs clear resin only.

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I also had one do this (older tray). I was thinking about trying to fill the crack with CA as a repair but decided to bin it instead. The risk of this leaking later was a little too scary.


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